As if there wasn’t enough to do already on here, I’m adding ANOTHER section to the workouts. I’ve started swimming as part of my training even though I am a complete rookie with absolutely no experience whatsoever. I had my first lesson at a Master’s swim class and already I’ve seen improvement! Of course, that’s the novice effect in full force, but never-the-less I’m confident that I’ll continue to improve. I highly recommend taking a class or lessons if you’re like me and have no previous training. So, I will include a swimming portion at the end of most, if not all, of the workouts and you can feel free to include it or not. To specify my actual training, on days that I swim I will only do an hour of strength training (the basic 4 lifts with probably very little accessory work) and an hour swimming.

As I have said before, you MUST know your goals and everybody’s path will be different, so there is no single “perfect” workout. I am still interested and driven to reach my maximum Strength potential, but I need to increase my Conditioning and learn some swim technique for my job. Know your goals and if you need to, pick and choose what you enjoy or what you need from my listed workouts. I’ll be available to answer any questions and help people out, but as a general rule or if you’re just getting started perform the written workouts as is, and they should take you about 2 hours at the gym to complete. Wish me luck on my newest adventure and good luck to all of you who follow me! Never Quit!

Warmup plus:
20 x Plyo Push Ups

5 x 5 Bench Press
5 x 10 DB Fly
3 x 12 DB Row
3 x 20 Rear Deltoid

Stamina 5 rounds, not timed:
20 x Dips
50m Sled Pull, hand over hand (just find a heavy ass weight and pull it by a rope)

Conditioning AMRAP in 25 minutes:
10 x Cleans
15 x KB Swings
20 x Jumping Jacks

Abs 6 rounds:
18 x Crunches
26 x Bicycles

16 x 25m; rest for 20 breaths between laps

Practice timing your freestyle stroke and breathing, hip rotation, pulling with your forearms, and keeping your head neutral in the water.


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