Warmup plus:
20 x Plyo Push Ups

5 x 5 Bench Press
5 x 10 DB Fly
4 x 12 DB Row
3 x 20 Rear Deltoid

Stamina 3 rounds, hold each position for as long as possible:
Handstand Hold
Wall Sits

Conditioning for time:
50 x SBGU
50 x SB Step Ups
50 x OH SB Squats
800m SB Run

Abs 2 rounds:
10 x V-Ups
13 x Side Bends
30 sec Side Plank
24 x Wide Leg Sit Ups
10 x Leg Levers
12 x Bicycles
12 x Pulse Ups

Swimming 3 rounds:
25m Freestyle
25m Breaststroke
25m Backstroke
25m Butterfly

…then rest 5 minutes…

3 x Max Breath Holds under water


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