Warm up

10 x 5 Press
5 x 10 BB Curl
5 x 15 Dips

1-10 KB Breathing Ladder

While holding your breath, perform 1, 2, 3…KB swings. Recover by taking as many long, slow, deep breaths as you performed KB swings. For instance, hold your breath while you swing 3 times, then take 3 long, slow breaths to recover. The longer and deeper that you breathe, the more time you get to recover.

*** DO NOT KILL YOURSELF DOING THIS!*** If you cannot breathe, don’t be stupid and keep pushing yourself. The whole idea is to stress your body a little bit, but mostly to develop the ability to relax, recover, take deep breaths, and get your pulse and you mind under control. I wrote 1 through 10, but if you can only do 5, then only do 5. If you can safely do more, then try it. I highly recommend doing this with a buddy.

Abs 4 rounds:
12 x GHD Sit Ups
10 x Ab Roller
10 x Side Bends


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