Warm up

50 x Pull Ups
50 x Push Ups
50 x Wide Push Ups
50 x Diamond Push Ups
50 x Decline Push Ups
50 x Overhead Press
50 x Curls
50 x Burpees
50 x Squats
50 x Lunges
50 x Jumping Lunges
50 x One Leg Squat
50 x Lateral Jumps
50 x Sit Ups
50 x Reverse Crunches
50 x Flutter Kicks
50 x Russian Twists
50 x Bicycles

400 m Bear Crawl
400 m Crab Walk
400 m Walking Lunges
400 m Burpee Broad Jump

Run 3 miles while carrying the American flag proud as fuck!

Author’s note: Yes I know this sounds crazy. It should. It is for time and it’s going to take a long damn time! I did this with 9 other men in various states of fitness in 103 balls freaking hot degrees and ran and crawled up hill half of the time! We also wore 20 pound weight vests or ruck sacks. Total time was 3.5 hours. We wanted to suffer; we wanted to hit the wall; we wanted this to be about team work.


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