Warm up 10 min KB complex:
1 Arm Swing Right
Figure 8 Right
1 Arm Swing Left
Figure 8 Left
Push Press Right
Halo Right
Push Press Left
Halo Left
Lunge Right
Lunge Left

1) 10 min EMOM:
3 x Front Squats @ 75%

2) 5 rounds:
8 x Deadlifts
30m Sled Push
5 x One Arm Weighted Sit Ups

3) 3 rounds:
10 x Elevated Push Ups
1 x Rope Climb
8 x DB Push Press

4) 3 rounds:
1 min KB Swings
30 sec Rest

Wood Choppers
Anti-Rotation Bands
Medicine Ball Crunches
Ab Wheel
Plank Push Ups
Dead Bugs


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