Warm up
10 x Deadlift
5 x 1 Arm Clean & Press

Strength 3-5 Progressive Ladder Sets:
Bench Press, Deadlift, Front Squat, OHS, Press, Back Squat, & Rack Pull, Rest 3 min

Each set consists of 1-5 reps per exercise with minimal rest (only to change plates). For example, for the first set, perform 1 rep of each exercise listed with 95% of your 1RM, changing weight as needed, but don’t dawdle! That’s the first set. Rest 3 minutes. The second set, you perform 2 reps of each exercise, but with 90% of your 1RM and rest 3 min. The third set you use 85%, fourth 80%, and finally for the fifth set you perform 5 reps of each exercise using 75% of your 1RM.

Wood Choppers
Anti-Rotation Bands
Medicine Ball Crunches
Ab Wheel
Plank Push Ups
Dead Bugs
Plank Crawl
V-Up Hold

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