Warm up 4 rounds:
5 x TGU
5 x Burpees
10 x DB Step Ups

Juicy Heartache
1) 10 rounds:
3 x Push Press @ 75% 1RM every 40 seconds

2) 5 rounds:
5 x Mr. Spectacular (2 handed KB Clean & Press, drop KB, walk hands out to push up position, perform 1 x push up, and come back up)
5 x SB Half Moon
10 x Russian Twists

3) 3 rounds:
6 x SB Squat + 30m OH Carry
3 x SBGU

Wood Choppers
Anti-Rotation Bands
Medicine Ball Crunches
Ab Wheel
Plank Push Ups
Dead Bugs
Plank Crawl
V-Up Hold
Banded Bird Dog
Flutter Kicks


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