This blog is focused on fitness for Firefighting and Military/Police individuals, or anyone looking for an ever-evolving alternative to traditional Crossfit. I have discovered a number of websites that compete for my attention and I look for the most fun or exciting workout to perform. Sometimes I even combine workouts or take excerpts to form my own.

As a result of several co-workers showing interest and joining me in my workouts, I’m excited to start this blog, something which I’ve never done before! Rather than talking with them every third day at shift change, I hope this blog will become a community for inspiration, suggestions, and learning.

I was turned off by Crossfit because I am a hard-gainer and unlike most fat ass Americans, I want to gain weight or at least keep what I have. I started performing workouts that incorporated much more strength, or “body-building” exercises with heavy weight, as opposed to low weight, high reps at a “balls out” speed.

The focus of my workout routines will be both Olympic and Powerlifting movements, “underground” or “odd-shaped” exercises, and bodyweight or PT style workouts. Make no mistake however, these workouts will leave you drenched and should take 1-2 hours to complete!

I also plan on incorporating pages or categories of posts that deal with any number of subjects, such as nutrition, events, guns, tactical toys, books, and hell even movie reviews! Enjoy!


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