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Warm up
20 x SBGU

Strength AHAP/AMRAP:
Bench Press
DB Fly
DB Row

Endurance 30-90 minutes:
Climbing, Hiking, Rucking, Running, Jogging, Swimming, Rowing, Biking, Walking the dog, Pushing a stroller, playing frisbee, golf, soccer, baseball…just get outside!


Warm up
Row 2k in 8 min

For 30 – 60 min, row, bike, job, hike, swim, climb, walk the dog, play a sport, hit a golf ball, shoot some hoops, just get outside!

Warm upĀ 5 rounds:
4 x TGU
5 x PVC Shoulder Stretches
4 x PVC Halo
5 x PVC OH Squat

3 x 3 Bench Press
3 x 10 DB Fly
3 x 10 DB Row

Job Specific
1) 3 rounds with Rucksack:
50 x Lunges
50 x Dips
10 x Pull Ups

2) Run 3 miles with Rucksack

Wood Choppers
Anti-Rotation Bands
Medicine Ball Crunches
Ab Wheel
Plank Push Ups
Dead Bugs


5 x 5 Shoulder Press
5 x 10 BB Curl
5 x 15 Dips
5 x 10 Lateral Raise

Stamina 5 rounds, not timed:
5 x Box Jumps
50m OH Plate Lunges

Conditioning 3 rounds:
Sprint 800m
Jog 800m
Sprint 400m
Jog 400m

Abs 3 rounds:
13 x Crunches
10 x Leg Levers
8 x Pulse Ups
10 x Side Crunches