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Warm up

3 x 3 Deadlift

The Crawler 3-7 sets
10m Low Crawl
10 x Box Jumps
10m Low Crawl
10 x Plank Push Ups
10m Low Crawl
10 sec Side Planks
10m Low Crawl
10 x Box Jumps
10m Low Crawl

Power 2 min each set, 10 x Plyo Push Ups before each set, 1 min rest between sets:
Jab, Cross
Jab, Cross, Hook
Jab, Right Hook
Squat, Jab, Cross, Hook
Jab, Jab, Cross
Squat, Jab, Cross

Wood Choppers
Anti-Rotation Bands
Medicine Ball Crunches
Ab Wheel
Plank Push Ups
Dead Bugs
Plank Crawl
V-Up Hold
Banded Bird Dog
Flutter Kicks
Press Ups
Single Leg Bicycle Kick w/ Medicine Ball


Warm up

1) Perform 1/3 of your Max Pull Ups EMOM for 3 minutes
2) Hang from the bar for a total of 5 minutes
3) Perform Max Sit Ups in 1 x 2:00, 2 x 1:00, & 4 x :30

Conditioning for time:
200 m Walking Lunges
25 x Push Ups
100 m Low Crawl (arms only)
25 x Flutter Kicks
100 m Low Crawl (legs only)
10 x Burpees
100 m Bear Crawl
10 x 50 m Waiter’s Carry (alternate arms)
50 m Log Roll Left
50 m Log Roll Right
200 m Farmer’s Carry
20 x Sit Ups