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Warm up

5 x 5 Deadlift

Endurance 3-5  rounds, 30-60 sec each:
Burpee Broad Jump
Wall Sit
Front Leaning Rest
Single Leg Squat
One Arm Plank
Side Plank

5 min Shadowboxing

Wood Choppers
Anti-Rotation Bands
Medicine Ball Crunches
Ab Wheel
Plank Push Ups
Dead Bugs
Plank Crawl
V-Up Hold
Banded Bird Dog
Flutter Kicks
Press Ups
Single Leg Bicycle Kick w/ Medicine Ball


Warm up

AMRAP Bench Press @ 90% 1RM
3 x 10 1 Arm DB Bench Press
3 x 10 DB Row

1) Perform 1/3 of your Max Pull Ups EMOM for 3 minutes
2) Perform 3 rounds of Max Pull Ups

3) Perform 1/3 of your Max Push Ups EMOM for 3 minutes
4) Perform 3 rounds of Max Push Ups

Conditioning 2 rounds for time:
10 x Wall Squats
10 x Goblet Squats
10 x Pistols
10 x DB Lunges

Abs 2 rounds:
18 x Bicycles
14 x Crunches
8 x Pulse Ups
20 x Side Bends
12 x Flutter Kicks

Warm up

Conditioning 3 rounds for time:
20 x Jumping Jacks
20 x Box Jumps
20 x Pistols
20 x Split Squats
20 x Jumping Lunges
20 x Mountain Climbers
20 x Plyo Push Ups
20 x Lateral Box Jumps
20 x Burpee Broad Jumps
20 x High Knees
20 x Sit Ups